The Launch of Uber Real Estate Services


There has been an announcement of the Uber Real Estate services by the Uber Real Estate. Uber Real Estate is changing the traditional way of real estate brokerage brick and mortar business design by decreasing the cost of transaction by half by utilizing their special on-demand model. Uber Real Estate Services will resolve most of issues plaguing the brokerage marketplace as well as offer a lot more sophisticated, simpler to use services on real estate. All new forms of competition for is welcome as it will enhance the industry. People are yet to understand why and how Uber Real Estate plans on revolutionizing the brokerage industry.

The consumers will be able to get Uber-like execution from experienced professionals which means there will be no more drama; just meaningful no or yes, replies. The Real Estate does provide both brokers and broker attorneys with at least ten years of experience to their customers. Associates have equity involvement according to performance metrics. They also have assets, experience in the industry and great records. They do not compete against other people in their company since they are part owners of the company. They offer agency and work for the company’s clients as it is expected. Take a look at this link  for more information.

Uber did not really have any direct lines to real estate until the time when Garrett Camp, co-founder of Uber unveiled a brand new digital platform that has an official foray into the residential selling and buying. This platform digitizes the submission and acceptance process of offers. The digital plat form known as Haus allows buyers as well as their agents to place their list on the platform where both the buyers and their agents are able to post their offers, make amendments and view an anonymized version of other offers which have been made on a given property. There are no charges for using it at the moment but that might change after the company determines ways of improving the negotiation process.

The kind of information made available to the prospective buyers are the terms of offer and the price. However, the names are kept confidential.
That sort of openness will result in a more efficient marketplace and the amount of offers and the prices will finally be determined by demand. Bidding wars are a common, nearly accepted, element of the real estate process now. However, the digital platform approach will help buyers know their stand. They will know when to make their offers competitive and they will not negotiate against themselves.


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